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Google is hosting a quantum application competition of 5 million dollars

In recent years, Google has made significant progress in quantum computing, such as the Sycamore quantum processor surpassing traditional processors for the first time...

The 1000th F-35 plane left the factory but cannot be delivered

Lockheed Martin recently announced that the assembly of the 1,000th F-35 fighter jet has been completed. The F-35 fighter jet, which began production in...
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OpenAI negotiating with publishers regarding content licensing

According to a Bloomberg report on January 4th, OpenAI has stated that it is currently negotiating content licensing with dozens of publishers. An insider...

SpaceX interns using AI to decipher an Ancient Scroll

After the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy, volcanic ash quickly covered the prosperous ancient city of Pompeii and also affected the nearby town...
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NVIDIA H100 GPU sets a record in MLPerf standard tests

After the rise of generative AI, many companies actively introduced products, attempting to gain a share of the market. As for the AI chip...

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