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How much green electricity does Australia need to build to reach net zero?

Australia has abundant sunshine and an almost vast desert, which can be said to be one of the best places to develop hydrogen production...

California’s Solar energy generating Waterproof Canals: Project Nexus

This year's severe drought in Eurasia has made many people aware of the threat of drought. In fact, the drought in California has lasted...
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Nuclear energy has the potential to make a comeback due to Energy Crisis

Due to the ongoing energy crisis and the trend of low-carbon energy, countries are brainstorming to find available power sources. Now the United States, France,...

After flying for 64 days, Zephyr drone landed due to sudden mechanical problems

The "Zephyr" solar-powered UAV developed by the U.S. Army and Airbus has been flying in high skies since the launch test began on June...
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New discovery promises to power existing coal-fired power plants

The patented technology, developed by Australian company Star Scientific, argues that it could use catalysts to convert hydrogen and oxygen into energy and replace...

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