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Scientists want to send messages to aliens

The search for signs of extraterrestrial life continues on Mars and elsewhere. Radio telescopes continue to be wary of possible signals from the Milky Way.

However, an international team of scientists, tired of waiting, is now aiming to reach them. Scientists designed it to send a new message to the universe.

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In 1974, humanity first attempted to make contact with a hypothetical advanced extraterrestrial civilization located next to the M13 star cluster. Via a radio message from the Arecibo telescope (Puerto Rico). That was almost 50 years ago.

Since then, astronomers have discovered more than 5,000 exoplanets with advanced satellites and telescopes. And so the idea that an evolved life form could evolve elsewhere in the Universe became more and more ingrained in people’s minds.

That’s why an international team of researchers is now considering trying their luck again. To send a new message to the stars. A much more detailed message was designed than before.

Its purpose will be to provide maximum information about our society and the human species. It will present as condensed and meaningful information as possible.

Mehmet S. Kaya
Mehmet S. Kaya
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