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Starlink offshore service can withstand extremely high wind speeds

Actual Information | Elon Musk'...
Actual Information | Elon Musk's Starlink: Bridging the Gap | #shorts #news

Florida, USA has just been ravaged by a powerful tropical storm Ian recently, and even NASA’s SLS rocket was removed from the launch pad in advance to avoid the hurricane and returned to the factory area.

But SpaceX CEO Elon Musk earlier shared more details on Starlink Maritime’s services, which in addition to meeting the ship’s maritime satellite networking needs, also emphasized that the terminal equipment can withstand strong winds.

At present, SpaceX’s Starlink satellite networking services are divided into personal, commercial, RV and marine use.

The ordinary plan for personal use (Starlink Internet) provides a transmission speed of 50~250 Mbps, and the monthly fee for the Internet is 110 US dollars.

The commercial version (Starlink Business) provides 150~500 Mbps transmission speed, and the monthly fee for the Internet is $500; the recreational vehicle plan (Starlink RV) provides 50~250 Mbps transmission speed, and the monthly fee is $135.

The Starlink Maritime satellite networking service, which was launched in July this year, is designed for use by maritime systems such as marine vessels and oil rigs. It claims to provide download speeds of up to 350Mbps at sea, but the monthly fee is also as high as $5,000.

Recently, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared more details of Starlink Maritime services, including the ability to reduce ship network costs by 70%,

It has also been revealed that Starlink Maritime can withstand extremely high winds (280+ kph), such as Hurricane Ian, which is close to becoming a Category 5 tropical storm with winds of about 200 mph and has already caused $1.6 billion in damage and caused severe damage in Florida, USA.

According to SpaceX, Starlink Maritime can withstand up to 190,000 pounds of rocket engine thrust and still have the advantage of high-speed internet connectivity in rough weather conditions such as high waves or hurricanes.

Steven L. Werner
Steven L. Werner
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