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Air pollution shortens life expectancy by more than 2 years

The University of Chicago Energy Policy Institute (EPIC) recently published research results that say chronic diseases caused by air pollution are shortening the world’s average lifespan by more than two years.

The report pointed out that according to the Institute’s “Air Quality of Life Index” analysis, more than 97% of the world’s population lives in areas polluted by the air pollutant PM2.5 approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

If PM 2.5 pollution in these regions can be reduced below the standard set by the World Health Organization, it is estimated that the average life expectancy in the world will increase by 2.2 years.

In addition, the research report draws attention to the fact that the average life expectancy of the people living in South Asia has decreased by 5 years due to chronic diseases caused by air pollution.

Average life expectancy has increased by nearly 2 years since China has reduced pollution by around 40% by controlling PM2.5 since 2013. And if China’s pollution control level can reach WHO standards, people’s average life expectancy will increase by another 2.6 years.

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