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China will build 450GW of solar and wind power in deserts

The number of renewable energy installations in China has been increasing year by year. In 2020, the number of renewable energy installations has reached 895GW, more than the sum of the European Union, the United States and Australia. According to a Reuters report, China is now planning a larger-scale solar-wind power hybrid power plant. It is expected to build a 450GW ultra-large-scale renewable energy park in the desert.

Reuters pointed out that China is preparing a series of large-scale solar and wind power projects, which will increase China’s renewable energy installations by nearly 1TW. He Lifeng, head of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, pointed out at the recent National People’s Congress that China will build history in the Gobi and desert. The largest solar and wind power plant with a capacity of 450GW.

The large hybrid power plant is now nearly a quarter of the way through, with about 100GW of capacity under construction.


China’s Solar and Wind power Target is 1.2TW by 2030

By the end of 2021, the cumulative installed capacity of China’s solar energy capacity has reached 306GW, and the cumulative capacity of wind power has reached 328GW. As part of an energy transition and reducing carbon emissions, Chinese President Xi Jinping has pledged to increase the number of solar and wind power installations to 1.2TW by 2030.

On the other hand, although China needs to reduce the proportion of coal-fired power generation, it also has to use coal-fired power generation and ultra-high voltage transmission lines to stabilize intermittent renewable energy. After all, renewable energy depends on the sky. When there is no sunshine or no wind, the power grid will suddenly reduce a large amount of renewable energy power, which greatly affects the stability of power supply.

Chinese Vice-Premier Han Zheng also said that China should give full play to the “basic guarantee function of coal combustion in energy supply”. The 2022 work plan previously released by the National Development and Reform Commission also pointed out that China will continue to play a role in reducing peaks and supporting traditional energy sources such as coal and coal-fired.

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