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New Perovskite-silicon solar efficiency is record breaking 32.5%

Perovskite and silicon solar energy have always been strong partners. Recently, German scientists have set a new record for the conversion efficiency of tandem solar cells, and have developed perovskite and silicon solar cells with an efficiency of more than 32%.

At present, the common solar cell material is silicon crystal. Its efficiency, durability and cost amortization can be said to be the most economical choice. However, at the same time, the conversion efficiency of silicon solar energy is close to the ceiling.

If you want to improve the efficiency of solar power generation, in addition to continuing to research new materials, you can make silicon crystals “cooperate” with other battery technologies.

Perovskite is an upstart solar material. Its conversion efficiency has increased from 4% to more than 24% within ten years. The conversion efficiency and durability of perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells.

It is also better than using a single material, because perovskite materials can absorb blue light more effectively, and silicon is more focused on red and infrared light.

The new type of tandem solar cell recently developed by Helmholtz Berlin Energy and Materials Research Center (HZB) has a new record conversion efficiency of 32.5%. It consists of several layers of perovskite on the top and silicon on the bottom.

The perovskite layer can filter different wavelengths of light, minimizing electrical losses.

At the same time, the team is also developing a new interface between the active layer and the electrode to help improve the conversion efficiency.

The results of this research have also been approved by the EU Solar Test and Installation Laboratory and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

It has already squeezed out the record of 31.25% set by the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne last year, said Bernd Rech, director of science at HZB.

The HZB tandem solar cell has an efficiency of 32.5%, a record previously achieved only by expensive III-V semiconductor solar cells.

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