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China unveils new Train that can reach to 600 km/h

China now has the fastest train in the world. This super fast train is a magnetic levitation train that moves without touching the rails and can reach 600 km/h. A prototype was recently unveiled and engineers successfully tested a trainset of five cars.


It will cover the 1000 km road in 2.5 hours.

Maglev technology is not new. Germany and Japan were pioneers, and China had been using it since 2004, with Transrapid in Shanghai, the first maglev line for commercial use in the world. According to Chinese authorities, this type of high-speed train is the ideal mode of transport for journeys of less than 1,500 km.

For example, it will take only 2.5 hours by train to cover the 1,000 km distance between Beijing and Shanghai, while it takes 3 hours by plane and 5.5 hours by conventional high-speed train. This maglev will be able to hold between two and ten carriages, each with a capacity of 100 passengers.

We have added the promotional video of the train for you, you can watch it below.

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