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This Electronic tattoo can continuously monitor blood pressure

A team from the University of Texas and Texas A&M University has developed a graphene-based “electronic tattoo” that can stick to the skin for a long time to continuously monitor blood pressure changes without harming the human body.

Blood pressure is one of the most important indicators of heart health. Among them, the arm sphygmomanometer is the current standard measurement method, but it can only measure a single data point and is easily influenced by one’s current mood.

Whether away from medical facilities or at home, many portable devices have made great strides in health checkups, but they are not yet ready to step into blood pressure monitoring.

elektronik dövme", kan basıncını gerçekten sürekli izliyor

The test results show that the graphene sensor can accurately monitor arterial blood pressure for more than 300 consecutive minutes. The team describes the technology as an electronic tattoo that patients can wear for long periods of time to measure blood pressure changes during sleep, exercise, and post-exercise.

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Image Credit: utexas.edu

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