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Green hydrogen will power airplanes

Green hydrogen is spoken a lot as an alternative to fossil fuels that are widely used today. And it is even seen as an alternative to renewable energy.

The amount of carbon dioxide emitted from airplanes will be reduced to a minimum

Nearly a third of flights will be powered by green hydrogen by 2050, according to a new study. The aviation industry is one of the markets that can benefit from this environmentally friendly fuel type.

Currently, airplanes are considered to be one of the means of transportation that emits the most carbon dioxide, and therefore, it is necessary to seek more environmentally friendly alternatives that can reduce the emission of harmful gases to the environment, thereby reducing the environmental impact of air pollution.

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According to the International Council for Clean Transport (ICCT), by 2050 a third of flights will be powered by green hydrogen. The ICCT study shows that by 2035, hydrogen could become the main fuel for “short” journeys (about 3400 kilometers), thus accounting for 31-38% of all flights.

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