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Implantable Pain Relief Device Will Replace Medicines

The research conducted by the research team of Northwestern University biomedical engineering was published in the famous scientific journal “Science”. The device they found replaces the painkillers that patients with chronic diseases or suffering from post-operative pain use to reduce their pain.

Currently, opioids are the most effective pain relievers in many intensive care medications. However, due to their high dependency and long-term negative effects on patients’ health, the medical community is looking for new pain relievers that can reduce drug addiction.

The research team at Northwestern University was working on this research and developed a small, soft, flexible implant that relieves pain without the use of drugs. The first-of-its-kind device could provide a much-needed alternative to opioids and other highly addictive medicines.

The biocompatible, water-soluble device works by gently wrapping the nerves to provide precise, targeted cooling that numbs the nerves and blocks pain signals to the brain.

The researchers believe the device will be invaluable for patients who undergo routine surgery and even often require medication after surgery. Surgeons may implant the device during the procedure to help manage a patient’s post-operative pain.

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