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Interesting idea from scientists to slow down climate change

Due to the increasingly severe impacts of climate change in recent years, the temperature has been rising significantly from year to year. Some scientists proposed the idea of using special gases in the atmosphere to weaken sunlight a few years ago. The Thomson Reuters Foundation in England recently brought up the idea again.

In the article shared on the official twitter account of the Thomson Reuters Foundation;

Could “darkening the sun” help reduce global warming?

It may sound like science fiction, but some are exploring solar geo-engineering technology to stop temperatures from rising.

They say it’s relatively inexpensive and simple, while others warn it can be disastrous. But Why?

Interesting ideas are being put forward against global warming

Global average temperature change over the last 140 years, created by NASA (source: NASA)

According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s report, if special gases are developed and released into the atmosphere through geo-engineering, the gases could have a similar effect to volcanic ash, reducing the temperature of sunlight and preventing the earth from rising temperatures.

Emmi Yonekura, climate engineering risk researcher at US think tank RAND Corporation, said this approach is indeed possible, but there are many other ways to slow temperature rises until the right elements and gases are developed.

For example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has also proposed the concept of the “Space Bubble“. Bubbles formed by a particular substance are released into the atmosphere or outer layer to help reduce the energy and radiation of sunlight and can also help slow the temperature rise.

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