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NASA announces 13 potential landing sites for moon landing in 2026

NASA, which has a plan to take humans to the moon, has come one step closer to this plan. 13 candidates have selected landing sites for astronauts to land at the moon’s south pole in 2026. Each unexplored dark area has an area of approximately 15 square kilometers.

Artemis III is the first manned landing mission planned by NASA in the same series to the south pole of the Moon, where no humans have set foot yet. On August 19, NASA announced 13 potential landing sites near the Moon’s south pole that include a variety of geological features, with at least 10 landing sites in each region.

Each of these regions is located six degrees latitude from the Moon’s South Pole and collectively contain a variety of geological features. The zones together provide landing options for all potential Artemis III launch opportunities. Certain landing sites are closely tied to the timing of the launch window, so multiple sites provide year-round launch flexibility.

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Scientists say they hope to narrow down the selection of landing sites 18 months before Artemis 3 launches, giving mission teams enough time to devise specific procedures for each site. NASA will also continue to work with SpaceX to ensure these landing sites are suitable for the company’s lunar lander.

Many scientists study these 13 regions carefully and believe that they are their favorite places too. The earliest planned launch of Artemis 3 is in 2026, when a male and a female astronaut will land on the moon’s south pole.

Artemis III Landing Site Candidates

First image resource: NASA

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