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Nissan is developing a rover for NASA’s Artemis mission

Nissan’s North American branch is doing a project in collaboration with American companies Teledyne Technologies Incorporated and Sierra Space. These companies are currently designing a new lunar exploration vehicle for NASA within the Artemis space program.


Companies joined forces

Teledyne Brown Engineering manages this program and all aspects of engineering, aircraft manufacturing and power system. Sierra Space will provide flight software, communication and navigation systems.

Nissan will use its know-how in smart vehicle systems and autonomous driving in the project. Through this partnership, the manufacturer aims to explore new horizons, especially in the fields of power management, vehicle connectivity and human machine interfaces.


Nissan joins the space race

Nissan just joins the list of automakers involved in such programs. Among the latest examples is Hyundai presenting the Tiger X-1 prototype, a vehicle that can be remotely controlled and can explore the smallest bumpy and unknown corners on Earth or other planets.

General Motors recently announced that it is working with Lockheed Martin on an electric and autonomous two-seat rover project for future lunar exploration. Automakers are expected to turn to this area even more. Especially Elon Musk, owned by SpaceX and Tesla, stands out in this area.

Nissan Joins Team Designing Lunar Vehicle (Video)

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