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New VR Gear “Aroma Shooter” allows you to smell Games and Videos

With the gradual increase of VR reality games, in order to pursue a better sense of presence, Japanese game manufacturer Aromajoin released the Aroma Shooter Wearable at this year’s CES Consumer Electronics Show.

With six different scent boxes, more than 100 different scents can be synthesized according to the game screen.

Since the emergence of 4DX technology in cinemas in 2009, it can bring audiences a variety of new experiences such as movement, water mist, aroma and wind speed, making the viewing experience more realistic.

After the game industry enters the VR virtual reality environment, it also strives to add more layers of authenticity.

Aromajoin, a Japanese game manufacturer, announced the “Aroma Shooter Wearable” that is paired with VR devices at this year’s CES 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It adopts a neck-mounted design and comes with six fragrance boxes.

More than 100 different scents can be combined, including smoke, flowers, prairie, coffee, fruit, etc., all of which can instantly emit scents in response to the game screen, making players feel more immersive.

Aromajoin said that in addition to VR devices, the new device can also support operating programs such as Windows and iPhone, allowing users to experience the smell in the video while watching movies and TV shows at home.

In the CES 2023 exhibition hall, Aromajoin showed Armona Shooter Wearable and last year’s popular animation “Dianyu Rebel”.

With the combination of “Cyberpunk: Edgerunner”, in the video, the heroine Lucy can smell the cigarette smell immediately when she lights a cigarette, which greatly improves the authenticity.

But new technology usually comes at a hefty price tag, with the Aroma Shooter Wearable priced at $998 for six scent cartridges and $54 for a refill if the cartridges run out.

Therefore, developer Aromajoin is also conducting crowdfunding, hoping to further reduce costs and make products more popular.

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