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Russia releases the model of its own space station

With Russia announcing that it will officially withdraw from the International Space Station in 2024, the country’s national space agency Roscosmos released a model of its own space station in August.

While no launch date has been confirmed for the new space station, it will be able to accommodate up to four astronauts when it is operational.

Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this year, there was a subtle tension between Roscosmos and NASA, such as the former’s withdrawal from NASA’s lunar portal project and last April announcing that it hopes to launch Russia’s own orbiting space station as early as 2025.

This year, tensions with Western countries have increased due to the war, and Russia has decisively announced that it will withdraw from the active International Space Station (ISS) and is ready to start building its own orbiting space station.

On August 15th, Roscosmos announced a model of the Russian space station called ROSS at the “Army-2022” military exhibition in Moscow, which will be launched in two stages. in 2030),

In the second phase, two more modules and a service platform are expected to be launched from 2030 to 2035. After being put into use, it can accommodate up to four astronauts and scientific equipment.

However, NASA, which aims to keep the International Space Station operating until 2030, said that it has not yet received official documents from Russia to formally withdraw.

And Russia has previously stated that it will continue to participate in the cooperation of the International Space Station until 2028.

First Image Credit: roscosmos

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