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Varta rechargeable Accu 2 600 mah Battery Review

Detailed technical overview, capacity & life cycle test


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Product name: Rechargeable Accu 2 600 mah
Brand: Varta

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Behind their green and silver shell, these Varta NiMH 2600 mAh type AA or LR6 batteries have energy to spare and are the benchmark for all the models tested on the day of our comparison. Lets see how good these batteries are!

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Varta rechargeable Accu 2: Pros and Cons


  • A large capacity available.


  • Relatively high Price.

Battery Life Cycle

Since the launch of the comparison, we have integrated a new measure: the power supplied is expressed in milliwatt hours (mWh). The longer the battery maintains a high voltage before dropping to 1V and 0.8V, the more power the battery delivers. This value thus completes the actual measured capacity of the battery.

Pre-loaded, the Vartas announce that they will retain up to 75% of their capacity after 12 months of storage. They offer one of the large capacities available (2600 mAh).

For the test, we need all 4 batteries to be fully discharged. For this, they are installed on a discharge circuit (500 mA) before being placed in our standard charger in order to be quickly recharged (1000 mA).

Real Capacity

In the game of recharging, it is better to be patient, because it takes 3h20 to reach a full final capacity of 2944 mAh. This measurement higher than the announced capacity is observed on all the batteries on the market and does not correspond to the real capacity of the battery since part of this energy is dissipated in the form of heat during the charge.

For information, the average standard deviation measured (this data is not included in the final score) between the advertised capacity and the actual capacity in charge is 59.6 mAh.

Once replaced in our discharge circuit, the accumulators lasted 2h46 before falling below the 1 V bar. The capacity measured at 1 V is then 2,433 mAh for a power supplied of 2,587 mWh. The 0.8 V bar is, for its part, reached 16 minutes later, which corresponds to a final capacity provided of 2,626 mAh.

This measured capacity allows us to simulate an autonomy of 43 hours for a classic remote control and 8 hours 45 for a motorized toy.

It will be necessary to weight this raw autonomy given that in normal times the simulated products (remote control and toy) operate during time slots.


This is the benchmark rechargeable battery. It certainly requires the longest charge time, but no other battery comes close to it in terms of available capacity. The purchase price remains reasonable.

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Varta rechargeable Accu 2 600 mah: Specs

Advertised capacity2600 mAh
Battery formatLR6 HR6
Battery technologyNiMH

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