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Dell’s new laptop “Concept Luna” will be repairable by robots

Dell launched the “Concept Luna” concept laptop last year. All components are replaceable, upgradable, and recyclable, making maintenance easier and reducing e-waste.

According to foreign media Extremetech, it is now easier to replace parts, even robots can do it.

Dell showed how easy it is to repair at an event. It only needs a simple tool to pop out the keyboard tray, including the keyboard, speakers, batteries, and even the motherboard. It only takes about 1 minute to fully disassemble.

Plus, Dell has made replacing components so easy that even a robot can do it.

According to the video, the robot is removed from the Luna suction cup through the suction cup.

Internal parts record telemetry data, which can report how long it has been used. And to identify which machines are installed, there is also a set of QR Code for easy identification.

Luna lets users make repairs without any technical knowledge, and while the concept is good, Dell needs to support these devices for a long time, so Dell needs a long-term commitment to succeed.

It is not yet possible to know the specifications and possible price of Luna. It is certain that Luna currently only has this notebook, and not the entire product line, and Dell also hopes to expand the concept of Luna to other series of notebooks.

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