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The Best SBCs To Complete In EA FC 24 Right Now

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When you launch Ultimate Team in EA Sports FC 24 in early December, the number of Squad Building Challenges currently available can be overwhelming. Who should decide between all the POTM SBCs, Icon SBCs, Hero Player Pick SBCs, Flashback SBCs, or Upgrade SBCs – and figure out which ones are worth your coins?
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EA FC 24 Best SBCs: Grind The 83+ Upgrade
The current top SBC in EA FC 24 is the 83+ x10 Upgrade SBC, as it gives you ten players with ratings of 83 or higher. A squad with two 84 OVR players, three 83 OVR players, and six 82 OVR players will do the job, so you can easily build up fodder over time.
The small downside is the need for Informs, but make sure you submit low-rated Informs with a maximum rating of 83. If you struggle with that squad rating and can't do the 83+ SBC, do the 78+ Player Pick SBC instead.

EA FC 24: Best Player SBCs
Once you've accumulated a selection of 83+ rated players, it's worth exploring the variety of options available, like Players of the Month (POTMs), Showdown SBCs, or those from the current promo in Ultimate Team.
We start with Thunderstruck Frenkie de Jong. Not only is he half the price of POTM Jude Bellingham, but he can still get his upgrades, which would make him an insane powerhouse. It all depends on how Barça performs in the next few league games, but even if he doesn't get any more PlayStyles, he should be considered for your central midfield.
If you only have one squad to submit or not as many coins and so on, you can get POTM Florian Wirtz (87 OVR) for less than 20K. He is obviously not as strong as other players, but the price is really fair.
Don't do the Showdown SBCs for Malcolm or Otávio as they are too expensive, and it is risky to predict a winner who will be upgraded. Now it is time for the players that will boost your squad in terms of flair, style, performance and chemistry: the Icons!

Best Icon SBCs In EA FC 24
It's hard to pick a clear winner among the Icons, as it's always heavily influenced by the needs, weaknesses, desired national chemistry, and personal preferences of your current starting XI. There's something uniquely satisfying about playing with an Icon you idolized as a child; it adds a special element to the game.
However, a word of caution: avoid completing the SBCs for Hristo Stoichkov, Kenny Dalglish, and John Barnes. Despite their impressive ratings, they are overpriced and tend to underperform in-game compared to what their stats might suggest.
You should only complete Icon SBCs if you already have a solid team and want to add a special note or upgrade a position massively. For example, if you have the standard Thibout Courtois card between your posts, you don't need to complete Peter Schmeichel for a ton of coins or teams.
You can also go for Michael Ballack but we recommend using Becks in central midfield. His gameplay feels special, and with some free-kick practice, he'll become your GOAT for scoring from key positions.

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