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New World: Update 3.0.4 improved combat patch notes

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New World has Updated to 3.0.4 on November 28. Turkules has triumphed over Turkulon, bringing this year’s event to a close. Check out the full release for various combat fixes, plus a change to Turkulon’s Claw.
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Turkulon's Claw can now be repaired.
Fixed a rare issue that caused the game to get stuck on a white screen or a very slow Amazon Games logo animation. We will continue to monitor this fix and make additional changes as necessary.

Fixed an issue that allowed the Dark Ascent Heartrune to be activated and canceled repeatedly for excessive damage.
Fixed an issue that allowed players to get stuck with a permanent Haste buff when using Arcane Vortex while inflicted with Slow from the Blunderbuss' Net Shot.
Fixed an issue that caused the Flail’s Arcane Smite ability to not show a damage type when using the final Deflecting Frailty upgrade causing previously applied reactions to be inherited by the ability, retriggering them.
Fixed an issue that allowed Firestorm and Pillar of Fire to be cast while mounted.
Fixed an issue that caused Pestilence to deal extra damage when used with a Rapier.
Fixed an issue that allowed Rapier’s Evade ability without cooldowns.

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