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Green Electricity Era is Rising! Utilities gain huge business opportunities

According to Net zero tracker statistics, more than 130 countries in the world have declared net zero emissions. By 2050, the world will achieve net zero carbon emissions. Although each country has a different timetable for achieving net zero carbon emissions, the use of green electricity will be an inevitable trend.

Serious risks will rise with climate change

 In the latest global risk report, the World Economic Forum pointed out that three of the top ten most serious risks in the world in the future are related to climate. Therefore, it is inevitable for the world to avoid extreme weather like the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”

The investment team of the Yuanta Utilities Energy Efficiency Fund pointed out that the climate risk is to avoid global warming first, so investing in the construction of renewable energy installations will be an urgent matter. 

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), to achieve the ultimate goal of net-zero carbon emissions in electricity generation by 2050, the global renewable energy installations must reach 27,700GW (million kilns), although the past 10 years of renewable energy installations The volume has doubled, but it is far from the ultimate goal.

Therefore, countries led by developed countries have launched major policies to develop global renewable energy. For example, US President Biden’s renewable energy policy means to achieve zero carbon emissions from all electricity by 2035, and to stop the carbon-intensive power plants such as overseas coal-fired power plants. ‘s Energy Plan provides new funding, which seeks to transition utilities from fossil fuel generation to clean energy generation.


Recently, Taiwan’s leading plastic chemical company issued a conservative view on this year’s industry boom. According to statistics, more than 1,500 investment institutions around the world have successively announced that they will withdraw from fossil fuel companies, with an estimated total asset size of US$40 trillion, indicating that institutional investors have responded to net zero emissions one after another.

It is hoped that through the divestment action and the negotiation process, enterprises can be pressured to transform. Under the long-term trend of sustainable earth, how to provide a large and stable green energy has become the top priority for the development of new-type public utilities.

As the only public utility fund issued by domestic investment trust in the Taiwan market, the investment team of Yuanta Public Energy Efficiency Fund pointed out that utility stocks have always been positioned as defensive stocks, but in the general trend of clean energy and low-carbon economy No matter what kind of industry, the first step in the transformation of enterprises is to use clean energy power, and public utilities with wind and solar power plants have become the hottest topic recently.

It is recommended that investors can allocate public utilities that have entered green energy development. cause.


USA energy generation prediction 2010-2050

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