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Here is Stargazer, the hypersonic plane that will fly at Mach 9

A Texas aerospace company has just presented its Stargazer hypersonic aircraft concept, which would transport passengers to an altitude of more than 50 kilometers. With a cruising speed of Mach 9 (6905.42 Mph), the manufacturer claims that it could reach any point on the globe in an hour.

To reach such a speed, the aircraft will fly at very high altitude, nearly 52 kilometers (170,000 feet). Stargazer will use conventional airports , so will need to fly at subsonic speeds for takeoff and landing. It is only once at altitude that it will accelerate to reach Mach 9. The plane will be 45 meters long with a wingspan of 30 meters, and will be able to carry up to 12 people.

A zero carbon footprint

Mach 9 means nine times the speed of sound , which varies with temperature and therefore altitude. At more than 50 kilometers, Mach 9 corresponds to approximately 9,500 km/h or 6905.42 Mph. The team worked with NASA  to ensure that the sonic boom created at such altitude would not be audible from the ground. Venus Aerospace hasn’t said what fuel the Stargazer will use, but says the carbon footprint will be zero.

However, the announcement should be taken with a grain of salt. The device is still in the concept stage, and the firm does not give any deadline for a possible prototype. 

Moreover, the circumference of the Earth being approximately 40,075 kilometers, it would be necessary to travel at least 20,000 km/h to reach any point of the globe, a minimum speed which increases for an aircraft which travels at altitude. However, this question does not seem to worry investors, since Venus Aerospace has managed to obtain financing to the tune of more than $33 million.

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