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Microsoft’s new ChatGPT Bing search engine is briefly exposed

ChatGPT, an AI chat robot developed by OpenAI, is bringing the latest revolutionary battle to search engines. It has been reported that Microsoft plans to import the latest version of ChatGPT, ChatGPT-4, into the search engine Bing.

This morning, a user named Owen Yin was lucky enough to intercept the new version of Bing search engine that Microsoft briefly exposed.

Breaking through the era when search engines had to enter specific keywords and then search for the information you need from massive data is about to be eliminated.

Microsoft introduced the latest AI technology of ChatGPT-4 into the new version of the Bing search engine and positioned it as an evolution of the search engine.

In the future, the new version of Bing will no longer be a search box, but a research assistant, personal planner and creative partner around the user.

The first major change between traditional search engines and Microsoft’s new Bing search engine is the search box. The new Bing search engine is a chat box that is larger than before and encourages the use of natural language.

Instead of typing in specific keywords, you can also ask the new version of Bing to find specific topics or ideas, even ask for their opinions, and then reply to user messages in the chat box.

Users can write a narrative within 1,000 characters to ask a question with a lot of detail, provide specific context, and the new Bing search engine will interpret it, or will display a specific phrase and explain the source of the quote,

To put it simply, users can interact with the new version of Bing through chat, but the search page will not disappear completely, but can switch between search and chat.

Since ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, it has ignited a global boom, and the difference between the ChatGPT version and ChatGPT-4 is mainly in speed, and more detailed response content,
more humane,

Microsoft introduced ChatGPT-4 into the search engine Bing, which is expected to challenge the leading position of the search engine Google and set off the latest revolutionary battle of the search engine.

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