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Nokia wins 5G patent, OPPO and OnePlus are banned in Germany

Chinese smartphone brand OPPO and its sub-brand OnePlus have halted sales in Germany after losing a patent battle with Nokia.

According to European media “JUVE Patent”, since last weekend, two patent rulings in Munich have had a rapid impact, and consumers are currently unable to buy smartphones or smart watches from OnePlus stores in Germany. Consumers are also unable to buy any smartphones and watches from OPPO’s official website.

According to The Verge, OnePlus chief Spenser Blank confirmed that the company had stopped sales in Germany and accused Nokia of demanding unreasonably high patent fees.

Spenser Blank pointed out that the company is currently actively seeking cooperation to resolve ongoing legal issues, and although OnePlus is currently suspending sales in Germany, the company remains committed to the German market.

On the other hand, “The Verge” also quoted a statement from OPPO spokesman Peter Manderfeld stating that the company did suspend official retail channels in Germany, and also believed that Nokia’s patent fees were unreasonable.

Although OPPO and OnePlus have suspended sales in Germany at present, the statement of the two companies also hinted that they will continue to sell smartphones and watches in Germany in the future, and may sell them through third-party distributors.

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