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Amazon warehouses going full automation with robot Proteus

Warehousing and logistics support are the key elements in development of Amazon’s e-commerce business. Due to the continuous evolution of technology, warehousing and logistics rely on automated equipment and robots to improve shipping efficiency.

From the acquisition of robotics company Kiva in 2012 to the launch of the first fully automatic mobile robot “Proteus”, Amazon leads consumers to view 10 years of robotics technology in warehousing and logistics, and how does it help this e-commerce company in sorting packages, moving goods and Improve the safety of warehouse operations.

Amazon first introduced the fully automatic mobile robot Proteus through its official blog. It was initially deployed in Amazon’s logistics centers and tally centers. It has built-in advanced safety, perception and navigation technologies, which can support logistics cages full of packages in warehouses.

When the automated robot moves to the designated location, it will also suspend movements to avoid moving warehouse employees and obstacles, and will not be limited to moving in certain areas of the warehouse, and finally park and charge at the designated location. From the appearance of the body and the way of charging, it looks like a large sweeping robot.

Faced with moving heavy packages, Amazon has sought assistance with automated equipment or robots to reduce the risk of injury to warehouse workers.

The large robotic arm called Cardinal can directly lift packages weighing up to 50 pounds, equivalent to more than 22 kilograms. Even if the packages are stacked, it can accurately pick out a single package using artificial intelligence and computer vision, and then put it on On logistics cages or conveyor belts, officials hope to deploy them to all logistics centers next year.

Amazon’s AR ID Technology to improve scanning

With feedback from warehouse employees, Amazon designed the Amazon Robotics Identification (AR ID).

AR ID is a technology that combines computer vision and machine learning. It can easily scan the package that is about to be shipped. It is no longer necessary to hold the package in one hand and align the barcode on the package with a barcode scanner in the other hand. Instead, Employees can pick up the package in front of the dedicated camera that takes 120fps recording to complete the scan faster.

In addition, the new logistics box storage system uses well-designed software and robot operation to allow warehouse employees to be in a safer and more ergonomic work position.

While relying on automated equipment and robots, Amazon still has a lot of human needs. Recently, foreign media reported that Amazon is difficult to find new employees, the company said it does not plan to rely only on robots, but also needs employees to join. 

An executive head of Amazon’s robotics division made it clear to Forbes that “replacing people with machines is just a fallacy” that could even lead to the company’s collapse.

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