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Ping: Definition, Importance in Games

Acronym for Packet Internet Groper, the Ping is a component of the Internet connection protocol that makes it possible to verify the connections established on the Internet between one or more remote hosts and to determine the time taken by the data packets to go to a computer connected to the Internet and return.

The closer the Ping gets to 0, the better the network connection.

Example of Pinging a host

Example of a ping on Windows , to the IP address of the Wikipedia DNS server:
 Pinging with 32 bytes of data :
 Response from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=255
 Response from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=255
 Response from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=255
 Response from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=255

The PING also designates the name of a command which makes it possible to measure the time (in milliseconds) taken by data packets to make the round trip between a computer and the Internet network via a simple command (we also speak of round -trip time to evoke this request-response time).

The closer it gets to 0, the better the network connection.

Along with the packet-loss, the PING is one of the two components that make it possible to determine the quality of a connection on a network, and in particular the Internet network.

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