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Protective coating that repairs car scratches under 30 minutes of sunlight

A new protective coating developed by the researchers covers scratches on the vehicle after 30 minutes in sunlight.

Developed by researchers at the Korea Chemical Technology Research Institute, the protective coating can renew the paint on a vehicle when exposed to the sun, instead of expensive paint treatments. It can completely destroy the scratches in a short time like half an hour.

There are many protective coatings on the market today that can protect the surface of the car and reduce the risk of corrosion caused by scratches deep enough to damage the paintwork and even expose the underlying metal, but these protective coatings must be applied, polished or repaired by a professional craftsman with the appropriate tools.

Image source: krict.re.kr (Self-healing diagram of protective coating material for vehicles with dynamic polymer network and photothermal paint)

Researchers from the Korea Chemical Technology Research Institute have found a solution to scratches, which are the fearful dream of vehicle owners, with their studies. They developed an extremely durable protective resin coating with a reversible polymer mesh material based on acryl polyol, and also added a photothermal dye.

Paint absorbs infrared light from the sun and converts it into thermal energy, which increases the surface temperature of the protective coating. The chemical bonds of the polymer structure of the coating respond to increased heat by decomposing and then recombining, slowly rebuilding the damaged polymer structure as a scratch occurs until it is fully repaired and gone.

First image resource: krict.re.kr

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