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Samsung Galaxy S23 is rumored to support low-orbit satellites

With Apple’s iPhone 14 and Huawei’s Mate 50 flagship series equipped with satellite emergency services.

Now more and more mobile phone manufacturers are also planning to add low-orbit satellite services to new models.

Now there are rumors that Samsung Electronics (Samsung) has reached a cooperation agreement with satellite communication service provider Iridium.

The Galaxy S23 series that Samsung will launch next will provide satellite communication connectivity and can use Iridium’s 66 low-orbit satellites for voice and data connections.

According to South Korea’s “ETNews” report, Samsung is building a satellite communication service for the next generation of smartphones.

The company’s goal is to be able to provide speeds of hundreds of kbps to send text messages and low-resolution pictures.

Limited by the characteristics of satellite communication technology, the mobile phone antenna (RF) must be large enough to realize voice and high-speed data communication.

Samsung’s biggest challenge now is to make an antenna design small enough to fit inside a typical smartphone.

At present, the satellite communication service provider that Apple cooperates with is GlobalStar, but what the iPhone 14 can do now is to send out a text message for help in an emergency.

Huawei is equipped with China’s Beidou satellite system, and the Mate 50 can send and receive limited text messages through this satellite system.

Compared with the United States and China, South Korea has a small land area, and it is expected that users will have a low probability of using this type of satellite communication.

However, considering the competition situation with Apple and Huawei, Samsung still expects to launch this feature in a short period of time.

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