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Sony’s Motion Sonic wristband lets you control sound effects with hand motions

Sony has introduced a new type of wristband. Motion Sonic makes it possible to create sound effects with hand gestures while playing music.

Equipped with advanced motion sensors

Sony has developed a wristband with a motion sensor for musicians. Motion Sonic defines different motions to create sound effects as the user plays an instrument. The device consists of a small electronic capsule placed on one of the two supplied wristbands and worn on the back of the hand or wrist.

Transforms hand gestures into music

The wristband captures hand movements and converts them into commands via an iPhone or iPad app. The user can select the effects associated with the movements and change the pitch, distortion, reverb, delay, shift, gain and noise.

The iPhone or iPad then connects to the instrument via an audio interface and streams the sound to the external environment.

Source: Sony – motionsonic

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