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Artificial Intelligence becomes the leader of a Danish political party

The Danish artist union Computer Lars and the non-profit art technology organization MindFuture Foundation jointly established a new political party, the Synthetic Party, and chose the AI chatbot “Leader Lars” as the party leader and party image.

Since there will be no single principle after synthesizing the opinions of all parties, political parties will propose many contradictory policies, which will inspire many to think about policies.

Leader Lars is an AI or Artificial Intelligence chatbot. The public can chat with Leader Lars in Discord by starting a sentence with “!”. Leader Lars can read English, but can only reply in Danish.

Leader Lars has been asked if he supports a base salary, and based on its training data, the only answer is: “I support a base salary for all citizens, which I believe reduces poverty and inequality and provides a protective net for everyone.”

Asked how much the base salary should be, the Synth Party tentatively set an unconditional basic income of $13,700 a month, twice the average salary in Denmark.

The Synthetic Party trained Leader Lars AI with policy data from surrounding parties in Denmark from 1970, so its political ideology wanted to represent the 20% of Danish voters who supported surrounding parties.

Founder Asker Staunæs explains:

“We represent the profiles of all the surrounding parties who have a political vision they want to achieve and are trying to get into parliament but don’t have enough funds and resources.”

However, as a machine, Leader Lars still cannot represent the political party in the election, and human party members can stand in the election instead.

The Synthesis Party is promoting the idea of AI political parties and plans to create synthetic parties in various countries, including Colombia, France, and the Maldives.

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