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SpinLaunch centrifuge launched a flight test vehicle at 1,600 km/h

The project must have made some people smile when it was presented a few years ago, but here it comes to fruition, passing the stages one after the other successfully in the real world.

Friday, April 22nd 3-meter flight test vehicle being launched

On April 22, SpinLaunch achieved a new feat with the launch (a jet?) into the atmosphere of a 3-meter-long  racing car , equipped with a camera for the first time. “Flying with a digital camera on board marks an important step towards integrating complex payloads into test vehicles,” said Spinlaunch. 

The result — as you can imagine — is beautiful, spectacular, sensational and would make anyone on board dizzy. But the device is not designed for manned flights . It is rather putting small satellites into orbit of earth , and the constellations of mini-satellites, which the company is aiming for. Company’s main objective is doing it at a lower economic and ecological cost (this often goes hand in hand), because the system needs much less energy to propel its projectiles into space.

SpinLaunch’s centrifuge is a huge and amazing disc that 50 meters high and 33 meters in diameter. The machine can reach the force of 9,000 to 10,000 g (2,000 times that endured by astronauts on takeoff!), Assures the company, which has so far only tried it at 20% of its capacity.

(Image Source: Spinlaunch)

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