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Starlink is expected to be stationed in the Philippines in 2022

The Philippine Department of Information and Communications Technology pointed out that Musk’s Starlink may launch satellite network services in the Philippines by the end of the year.

The Starlink, operated by SpaceX, will help President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. promote internet penetration in remote areas, according to Philippine Information and Communications Technology Secretary Ivan John Uy in a statement.

Uy said that in an archipelagic country like the Philippines, where laying fiber-optic cables or building cell towers in mountainous areas may be challenging, Starlink will make up for the country’s information and digital gap.

SpaceX executive Rebecca Hunter emphasized in the statement that Starlink will not compete with existing telecommunications providers in the Philippines, but will provide networks to underserved areas.

SpaceX received approval from the Philippine government in May to build and operate a broadband facility. According to the report, the company will cooperate with local governments to pay for Starlink services in remote areas first, while the Starlink package is priced at $599 and the monthly service fee is $99.

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