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Amazon’s new robot Astro is available for Customers

Astro is much more than an Alexa-equipped wheeled tablet that can follow you anywhere, make video calls, stream music and monitor your home while you’re away.


Astro is Listed at $1,500

Priced at $1,500, Astro uses machine learning to scan rooms in your home and constantly patrols to notify you if anything out of the ordinary happens.

There may be a question in people’s minds that there are risks to privacy, since a robot with a camera is constantly walking around the house. In response to this problem, Astro, offered for sale by Amazon, will come to your home with a system that allows you to limit the entrance of the robot, such as the bathroom or bedroom.

Amazon Astro promotional video

The robot Protects your home against all dangers

The robot is designed to recognize and analyze people’s behavior. To do this, it records people’s voices and faces to be able to identify them, and best of all, it better detects if a stranger has come into your home.

If the “Sentry” mode is activated and an intruder breaks into your home by breaking a window, Astro detects the broken glass and moves towards the person.

It will approach him, follow him, and record both audio and video of said stranger, and then upload them all to the cloud.

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