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Terabase Energy to Use robots to speed up solar power plant construction

How to quickly build a large-scale solar power plant? Solar energy startup Terabase Energy hopes to rapidly build power plants through “robots” to achieve terawatt-scale (TW) solar energy,

The Series B round was also backed by $44 million from Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), Prelude Ventures and others.

Bill Gates has been concerned about energy for a long time, and he founded the Breakthrough Energy Venture Capital Fund (which has invested in various energy storage, nuclear energy systems,

In addition to the Form Energy introduced this time, there are also liquid metal batteries Ambri, sodium batteries Aquion Energy, thermal batteries Malta and carbon capture technology, etc.

Probably the most famous is Terra Power, a fourth-generation nuclear power technology that claims to be able to convert nuclear waste into fuel.

Terabase’s goal is to quickly build solar farms, and CEO Matt Campbell said the self-build technology would allow robotic arms to lift solar panels and connect them to a sun-tracking system to speed up plant construction and reduce costs.

Just according to foreign media reports, to avoid commercial competition and refuse to share more details on the construction of solar power plants.

Terabase also makes its own software to manage solar farm design and construction. It also recently completed its first commercial project to install around 10 MW of solar capacity on a robotic arm.

Tim Woodward, managing director of Prelude Ventures, said the company’s software and automation platform enables developers and EPCs to efficiently design and manage power plants, a fundamental solution for solar entering the global GW class.

It’s just that 1 TW is about 1 million MW. It is not so simple for this company to realize its wishes. Campbell said it will take 50 years to build the world’s first terawatt of solar, but we need to build at least another 50 terawatts soon to achieve global decarbonization goals. The new round of funding will allow the company to continue to grow the team while making the necessary investments to achieve its mission.

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