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7 Tips and Guide to Fly Your Drone Safely

Flying a drone is becoming more and more popular. With Technological advancements, drones are becoming faster and equipped. However, flying a drone is not exactly easy and you have to master it first. That is why you can read a number of tips here that you can use to fly safely with a drone.

And do not forget that flying a drone some places can be illegal. You need to be careful with your county’s laws with drones otherwise that can give you troubles.

 Follow a drone training course or only fly at the right time, you can read our advice here to fly your drone safely.


1: Day and night

To be able to fly safely with your drone, you must of course be able to see where you are flying. Therefore, only fly when there is enough daylight. As soon as it starts to get dark, it is wise to put an end to the flight of your drone.

2: The right Altitude

Drones can go quite high. As attractive as this sounds, it is strongly advised not to fly higher than 120 meters. You run the risk of losing sight of the drone.

3: Avoid crowds

Flying a drone where there are many people is of course anything but safe. Therefore, fly your drone in a quiet place and avoid crowds of people.

4: Dangers

It goes without saying that you will not fly over highways and waterways with your drone . In addition, wooded areas are also not a suitable place to fly a drone. So try to avoid these places.

5: Eyes on the drone

Keep your eyes on the drone at all times when it is in the air. When you take your eyes off the drone for any reason, first make sure the drone is safely on the ground.

6: Knowing your Drone

It will be a good idea to get familiar with the specs of your drones. Knowing the battery capacity or range of your drone would probably be very useful at some point.

7: Drone lesson

Take a drone training course to ensure that you can fly a drone safely. During the training you will learn how to fly a drone wisely and in a fun way. 

For example, you can easily follow a drone course online. you will receive a valid drone certificate in a few days with which you can fly better.

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