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WhatsApp: New restrictions for Android Users

Anyone who has used WhatsApp a lot in recent years will have accumulated a lot of data that they want to keep. So far, it has been the case on Android smartphones that you don’t have to worry about any problems here – no matter how large the Google Drive backup is. However, Google is planning a change that could force you to clean up

WhatsApp: The size of the backup at Google will soon be limited

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers in the world – and not just since yesterday. In recent years, a lot of data such as photos and videos have accumulated, which one often wants to keep. This costs storage space on the smartphone and can optionally be stored in the cloud with Google without limit. For some time also encrypted and therefore safe . But a change is in the offing. Accordingly, the unlimited storage space on Google Drive will soon be limited.

Anyone can open a Drive account with Google and store 15 GB of data there . So far, this does not apply to WhatsApp users. They can store an infinitely large WhatsApp backup there via Messenger and save everything from the last few years. That will probably change soon, because the storage space will be limited. WhatsApp already integrates warnings into the code when the storage space is almost full. You then have to make sure that your own WhatsApp backup still fits on it.

This could become a problem if you also use Google Drive for other data. Then suddenly you no longer have 15 GB of free storage space, but much less, especially since the shared storage is also used for all other Google services . If it becomes scarce, you will have to sort out and reduce the size of the backup.

WhatsApp Backup: You can buy more storage space

It is currently not known when WhatsApp and Google want to introduce the change. But it is clear that something is coming our way. If you don’t want to lose anything, you will have to buy storage space from Google. There are various “Google One” storage options. 100 GB costs 20 euros per year, 2,000 GB is available for 100 euros. It is quite possible that you will have to strike here at the end if you really want to save everything in the cloud. On iOS, you can already only save a backup if you have enough iCloud storage space . Android users therefore had a strong advantage.

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