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Adidas will sell headphones that can charge with solar energy

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World-renowned sports equipment manufacturer Adidas has launched the RPT-02 SOL wireless on-ear headphones, which can be charged even with ambient light.

In 2019, JBL launched the world’s first solar powered headset on Indiegogo. Although the product failed, it paved the way for the introduction of solar-powered headphones on the market.

Since then, companies like Urbanista, Blue Tiger, and Pearl Audio have launched solar-powered headphones. Today, well-known sporting goods manufacturer Adidas has also entered the trend and launched the RPT-02 SOL wireless Bluetooth on-ear headphones.

Adidas’ new headphones and previous generation RPT-01 headphones are the result of a partnership with Swedish Zound Industries. The previous generation RPT-01 advertised that it could play music continuously for 40 hours. The new RPT-02 SOL literally doubled its battery life to 80 hours, thanks to its automatic charging feature under natural or artificial light sources.

The headset is roughly made of recycled plastic and nylon, and the headband is made of PowerFoyle high-resilience photocell material, a subsidiary of Swedish solar technology company Exeger.

Currently, solar cell materials can be screen printed on plastic, so they have a wide range of applications, from walls to automobiles, consumer electronics and other fields. In the past, conventional solar cells required a strong and continuous source of natural light. The new solar cell material can automatically charge even in poor indoor light.

As long as the RPT-02 SOL is in a bright place, it will automatically charge, so it basically does not run out of electricity. It can provide continuous power for 80 hours even in a completely dark room with no light source.

Compared with ordinary wireless earbuds, the solar earbuds can be charged automatically anytime and anywhere without using a charging cable, so users don’t have to worry about power outage because they forget to charge.

First visual resource: Adidas

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