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The advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

Praised as the future of individual transport, the electric car is experiencing a real boom. It must be said that the subsidies put in place by the government are becoming more and more attractive in order to achieve the energy transition objectives dictated by the European Union.

Thinking of taking the plunge? So, it is wise to have as many elements as possible to make the right choice. Here is a small list of the advantages and disadvantages of the electric car.

The advantages of the electric car

Reduction of pollution

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is of course the government’s objective and by swapping your thermal vehicle for an electric car you are actively participating in reducing this pollution.

It is important to note that at the same time you will reduce noise pollution . Indeed, the electric car is silent; it is an undeniable stress reduction factor !

An economic investment

Admittedly, the cost of purchasing an electric vehicle represents a certain budget. However, between the conversion bonus that many countries give, you will save money on a purchase.

In addition, a “full of electricity” is much cheaper than a full of fuel. It is estimated that the price per kilometer is divided by three or four compared to a petrol car. Depending on the vehicle, its weight or its battery , a full tank would cost  around $11!

Less maintenance

Since there is no heat engine , forget oil changes, spark plug changes, the timing belt or filter changes. Maintenance is simplified and limited to tires and brakes.


The disadvantages of the electric car

Battery life

The battery life of electric cars remains the main obstacle raised by consumers. Indeed, if a full tank of fuel can easily ensure 600 kilometers, an electric motor halves this autonomy on average.

Very often a city car will cover 200 kilometres. This is the reason why many countries want to place a charging stations in every city.

Battery life Cycle

If the maintenance of an electric vehicle is less, its battery on the other hand is not eternal. The latter will lose efficiency over the years and will have to be replaced.

Some brands claim a capacity between 70% and 80% after eight years. The cost of a battery is between 5,000 and 9,000 euros depending on the model of the car.

Battery Charging Duration

As you already experience charging bateries of your phones everyday, It takes time.

One of the biggest pullback in EVs is charging duration. Even the fast charging can help to reduce charging duration yet it can’t be accessible in most places like your home.

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