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6 Daily tasks where we often use artificial intelligence

Sometimes you unknowingly use artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making its way into your daily life for several years now, and it’s entering our lives more and more as time goes on.

We decipher each of the moments when artificial intelligence intervenes in your life for you.


Electronic messaging systems rely heavily on artificial intelligence to optimize their operation and improve the user experience. Spam filters benefit greatly from AI that can process large volumes of messages and very quickly detect new spam inboxes.

Google uses TensorFlow for its Gmail, one of the most advanced artificial intelligence that has managed to block more than 99.9% of spam. The web giant isn’t content with that, either, and offers other AI-based functions.

The Smart Reply feature offers text messages so you can reply to an email with one click. The firm has also developed a function called Smart Compose that can complete the user’s sentences.

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Social networks

Artificial intelligence greatly influences the way information is presented, especially on social networks. For example, Facebook sorts posts from people and followed pages, then filters them to highlight those deemed most important while hiding others completely.

The site uses an AI called DeepText to analyze the content of posts, which is not only used to organize the news feed, but also allows a human employee to intervene if they detect signs of suicide.

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Search engines

Given the enormous size of the web, search engines can hardly function without artificial intelligence. AI is deployed in the form of robots that crawl sites for indexing, but also to rank them and determine the order of presentation based on search terms.

It even lets you customize the results by search type: view the weather forecast, the distribution of a movie, and even do calculations or currency conversions.

Google also offers the Google Suggest function, which is a predictive search that displays as you type the query and tries to predict the search based on indexing, frequent searches, and user history.

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Accessible through services like Google Translate or integrated directly into sites like Facebook, machine translation services have come a long way in producing perfectly understandable text in recent years.

This progress has been made possible, in particular, by deep learning techniques such as Google’s artificial intelligence called the Neural Machine Translation system (GNMT).

E Commerce sites

AI is also playing an increasingly important role for e-commerce sites. Suggests new products to consult based on the user’s history and other visitors’ browsing.

Sorting centers for the preparation of orders are also managed by artificial intelligence, with the increasing use of robots in which products are constantly transported from one station to another.

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Navigation apps

Artificial intelligence has changed our traffic habits thanks to navigation apps like Waze or Google Maps. These determine the shortest route and estimate the arrival time. They can even account for real-time traffic to automatically change the trajectory to avoid traffic jams.

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