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11 Best and Most Popular Movies on Netflix in 2023

Top Films on Netflix

The best movies on Netflix can be hard to find, but we’re not likely to run out of great films any time soon. There’s plenty to choose from, whether you’re looking for the best action movies, the best horror films, the best comedies or the best classic movies on Netflix. We’ve updated the list for 2022 to remove great films that’ve left while highlighting underseen excellence.

Rather than spending your time scrolling through categories, trying to track down the perfect film to watch, we’ve done our best to make it easy for you at by updating our Best Movies to watch on Netflix list each week with new additions and overlooked films alike.

1. Roma

IMDB: 8.7/10 · ‎168.561

roma netflix

Launched as the best production of Netflix, Roma is directed by the famous director Alfonso Cuaron. The film, which is in a very ambitious position among the 2019 Oscar nominations, focuses on the life story of Cleo, a Mexican maid. The film, which reveals this life story as well as the social situations of Mexico in the 1970s, is one of the best movie on Netflix you should definitely watch.

2. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

IMDB: 7.3/10 · ‎144.661

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, directed by famous directors Ethan and Joel Coen, is an anthology film with different stories. The movie, which won 2 Oscar nominations this year, is seen as a series enjoyed by the audience.

3. Annihilation

IMDB: 6.8/10 · ‎317.725


Netflix’s sci-fi movie Annihilation focuses on the extraordinary events experienced by the officers who were quarantined and sent to this region due to the events that took place. The film, which includes names such as Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac, is one of the successful productions of Netflix.

4. Bird Box

IMDB: 6.6/10 · ‎329.481

Bird Box

Bird Box quickly became the most watched movie on Netflix. Starring the Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock, the film reveals a post-apocalyptic world. If you like this kind of apocalyptic scenarios, Bird Box is for you.

5. Okja

IMDB: 7.3/10 · ‎119.381


Netflix’s film Okja, which competes for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, tells the story of Mija, her best friend, a large animal named Okja. The cast of the successful film includes names such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton and Lily Collins.

6. Beast of No Nation

IMDB: 7.7/10 · ‎80.716

Beast of No Nation

Beast of No Nation, directed by the famous director Cary Fukunaga, is one of the first successful films of Netflix. Idris Elba plays the lead role of the movie, which focuses on the story of a child who is subjected to a terrible war in an African country.

7. Bright

IMDB: 6.3/10 · ‎186.690


Netflix’s fantasy genre movie Bright is about a world where orcs and humans live together. It should definitely be on your list of movies starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

8. Polar

IMDB:  6.3/10 · ‎88.214


Polar, another Netflix movie released this year, focuses on Duncan Vizla, a man who quit his job as a hit man, once again caught in the middle of events. Mads Mikkelsen plays the lead role in the production, which draws attention with its resemblance to the famous movie series John Wick.

9. Cargo

IMDB: 6.3/10 · ‎43.195


Cargo, another Netflix movie focusing on the post-apocalyptic, brings zombies, one of the most popular examples of the horror genre, into focus. The movie featuring Martin Freeman, whom we know from Sherlock, is one of the best choices for thrillers.

10. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

IMDB: 7/10 · ‎104.541

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

The romantic comedy Netflix movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before focuses on the messy life of an ordinary girl, Lara Jean, as a result of the letters she wrote to the men she fell in love with. Noah Centineo and Lana Condor share the lead roles in the movie, which is launched as one of the most entertaining productions of Netflix.

11. The Gray Man (2022)

IMDB: 6,5/10 · ‎139.701


When the CIA’s most talented agent, whose true identity remains unknown, accidentally uncovers dark agency secrets, a psychotic former colleague puts a bounty on his head by launching a global manhunt by international assassins.

The Gray Man refers to the average person who does not stand out or stand out in the crowd in any way. Military terms like Sierra Six in the movie refer to the person who never manages to do his job before quietly walking away.


That was our top movie list on Netflix in 2022. We hope this list helped you to find a great movie you liked to save some time scrolling movies. You may also want to check  our list of best series on Netflix to save even more time.

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