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Icarus: How to Change Language

Icarus is a hardcore survival game that is mostly focused on session-based PvE mod for up to eight co-op players. Some users are finding...

Icarus: How to Skip Intro Video

Icarus is a multiplayer survival game where players have to face aggressive wildlife and seek shelter from dangerous storms. One thing that isn't quite so...
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Icarus: How to Reset Talents and Skill Points

Icarus is a PvE session-based survival game for up to eight co-op players in which players are dropped onto the terraformed planet of Icarus, which...

Icarus: How to Level Up Fast (Leveling Guide)

Experience points are earned from almost everything  you do in Icarus. It can be gained from simply picking up branches and bushes, killing animals,...
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Icarus: System Requirements and Release Date

The system requirements for ICARUS, the open world survival and crafting game developed by RocketWerkz, have been announced. We can say that the system requirements...

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