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Icarus: How to Skip Intro Video

Icarus is a multiplayer survival game where players have to face aggressive wildlife and seek shelter from dangerous storms.

One thing that isn’t quite so exciting is sitting through the long and slow intro. So players may be wondering if they can skip the intro video in Icarus.

You can actually skip the long intro of Icarus. But you can’t simply just press buttons in-game to do so. Instead, you will need to go out of the game to skip it. Follow these instructions to skip the Icarus intro video.

How to Skip Intro in Icarus (Steam)

  • From Steam, right-click on Icarus in your library.
  • Select Manage and then Browse Local Files.
  • Open the Icarus folder.
  • Open the Content folder.
  • Open the Movies folder.
  • Find the file labeled “startup_01” and delete it.

After you have done this, Icarus will launch and take you directly to the main menu. Now you can get straight to playing and avoid having to watch the long intro video. We’ll see you on the surface prospector!

How to Skip Intro Logo and Video in Icarus (Local Files)

  • Go to the game files directory.
  • Right Click to Icarus icon and choose “open file location”.
  • Once you’re into the game’s directory, open the Icarus folder and then the Content folder where you will find another folder named Movies.
  • Inside there you’ll find several video files and here you have to rename the Startup_01.mp4 file to Startup_01-.mp4, or whatever you prefer to.
  • As for the unskippable rw_logo intro file, rename it to “rw_logo-“.

Skipping Intro in Icarus (Video Tutorial)

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