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Star Citizen: Mercenary Mission List & Details (3.22)

When we talk about Mercenary Missions in Star Citizen, first thing come to mind is the bunker missions. Buker missions are first person shooter...

Star Citizen: Mining Module Specification List 3.22

Star Citizen can be very complex when it comes to mining. There are lots of tools and options for miners to select and go...
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Star Citizen: Complete Performance Guide (3.21)

If you remember the era of Crysis and the question of "but can it run Crysis", now there is a new era of "Can...

Star Citizen: RSI Aurora LX Ship Review & Specs

Aurora LX is the luxury version of the Aurora range from the ship manufacturer RSI in Star Citizen, equipped with a leather interior, and a...
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Star Citizen: CitizenCon 2022 Highlights and 4.0 Update

Star Citizen's biggest event of the Year: CitizenCon took place over the weekend, October 8. It included many presentations from top level game designer...

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