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Star Citizen: How to Mine with a Ship?

Mining in Star Citizen is one of the best way to earn some money if you have a miner ship.  We will be talking...

Star Citizen: How to Find New Babbage Landing Zone

When it comes to Star Citizen, tasks like finding a big Spaceport can be sometimes difficult due to the big universe and detailed huge...
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Star Citizen: How to Repair and Refuel a Ship

Refueling, repairing and salvaging mechanics are actively being worked on by Star Citizen developers. The developers want to get it out as soon as...

Star Citizen: How to Download & Install (System Requirements)

It is 2022. The developers of this massive video game have now raised over $400 million from fans for a game that is still...
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Star Citizen Detailed Beginner Guide and Tips

Star Citizen is currently still an alpha. For new residents of the Verse, just getting started can be a bit of a hurdle. Your...

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