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Star Citizen: Mining Module Specification List 3.22

Star Citizen can be very complex when it comes to mining. There are lots of tools and options for miners to select and go for a profitable mining adventure. It can be a little bit confusing for a new starter, so check our mining guide if you want to learn the basics.

Mining modules are one of the most important tools for a miner capable of not only drastically increasing laser power but also enabling rocks to be fraction much easier.

Mining modules commonly referred to as mods augment lasers on mining ships effectively altering its stats and allowing you to build a custom Loadout.

Different lasers have a different amount of mod slots. This can be as little as one or as many as three. You can view this in each laser description.

 Module NameMining laser powerUsesDurationExtraction laser powerResistanceShatter damageInert materialsOptimal charge windowOptimal charge rateManufacturer
Surge Module150%715 s-15 %    Thermyte Concern
Brandt Module135%560 s15 %-30 %   MISC
Stampede Module135%630 s85 % -10 %   Thermyte Concern
Rieger-C3 Module125%0   -1 % Shubin Interstellar
Rieger-C2 Module120%0   -3 % Shubin Interstellar
Rieger Module115%0   -10 % Shubin Interstellar
Focus III Module95%0   40 % Thermyte Concern
Focus II Module90%0   37 % Thermyte Concern
Focus Module85%0   30 % Thermyte Concern
Optimum Module85%560 s     MISC
Rime Module85%1020 s-25 %-10 %   Greycat Industrial
FLTR-L Module090 %  -23 %  Greycat Industrial
FLTR-XL Module095 %  -24 %  Greycat Industrial
Torrent Module0   -10 %30 %Thermyte Concern
Torrent II Module0   -3 %35 %Thermyte Concern
Torrent III Module0   -1 %40 %Thermyte Concern
Vaux Module0115 %    -20 %Shubin Interstellar
Vaux-C2 Module0120 %    -15 %Shubin Interstellar
Vaux-C3 Module0125 %    -5 %Shubin Interstellar
XTR Module085 %  -5 %15 % Greycat Industrial
XTR-L Module090 %  -5.7 %22 % Greycat Industrial
XTR-XL Module095 %  -6 %25 % Greycat Industrial
FLTR Module085 %  -20 %  Greycat Industrial
Lifeline Module315 s-15 %    Greycat Industrial
Torpid Module560 s 40 %  60 %Greycat Industrial
Forel Module660 s150 %15 %   Shubin Interstellar
Star Citizen Mining Modules Game version 3.21

Where to Buy Mining Modules in Game?

Mining modules can be found on every mining refinery station. You can a selling point such as HUR L1 or L2 near Hurston. 

How to Equip Mining Modules?

Equipping mods is actually fairly easy. To do this, you can follow the steps below and be ready for your mining adventure. 

  1. Press F1 on your keyboard.
  2. Go to your Vehicle Loadout Manager by clicking the ship icon.
  3. Select your mining ship.
  4. Once selected go to the Utility tab where you’d ordinarily find your mining laser.
  5. Beneath your mining laser you will see sub-components which is the mining modules themselves.
  6. Click it and you’ll be prompted with the drop down of all the mining modules currently at that location.
  7. Simply select the ones that you want.
  8. Save the changes and you’re done.

Fun fact is that mining modules are considered a component of the ship. Meaning that if they were to fall off as a result of an overcharged rock or maybe they’re an active mod and you spent all of the uses, you can repair your ship and it will place the mod back onto the ship fresh and ready to go. To use again there are 14 total mods currently in the game 6 passive and 8 active.

Active and Passive Mining Modules

Mining mods come in two varieties passive and active. Passive mods provide a constant buff and usually debuff to a laser and come in tears from one to three. One being the worst and three being the best the active mods are much more powerful than passive mods but have a limited number of uses. The amount of use varies from mod to mod.


Even though the mining modules and the mining system keep changing constantly in Star Citizen, some modules are still the favorite ones in the last few patches. We have tried to make a detailed list of mining modules and will be updated the list in every major patch.

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