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Star Citizen: Mercenary Mission List & Details (3.22)

When we talk about Mercenary Missions in Star Citizen, first thing come to mind is the bunker missions. Buker missions are first person shooter mission. It is a great type of mission for anyone wanting to earn money early doors and also gear up with plenty of loot such as weapons and armor.

Mercenary Mission

High Stakes?????PersonalUnspecified60,000
URGENT: Boarding Action in ProgressNorthrock Service GroupGeneralUnspecified45,000
Claiming a StakeDustersPersonalUnspecified35,000
Clearing the CompetitionDustersPersonalUnspecified35,000
Mine Worth TakingDustersPersonalUnspecified35,000
Simultaneous releaseRutoPersonalUnspecified32,000
Call To ArmsXPersonalAll28,000
Dearly DepartedTecia PachecoPersonalUnspecified28,000
Down for the CountTecia PachecoPersonalUnspecified28,000
Extermination JobSENDER NOT FOUNDPersonalUnspecified28,000
Force For GoodXPersonalUnspecified28,000
Righteous RaidXPersonalUnspecified28,000
Time For ActionXPersonalUnspecified28,000
BlackoutNine TailsPersonalTime limited27,500
Deaf & DumbNine TailsPersonalTime limited27,500
Peeping TomsNine TailsPersonalTime limited27,500
Sound of SilenceNine TailsPersonalTime limited27,500
Wire CutterNine TailsPersonalTime limited27,500
Bounty Assignment: Group Warrant (MRT)Northrock Service GroupGeneralUnspecified26,250
Array Hack Job?????PersonalUnspecified25,000
Comm Array (NUMBER) Problem?????PersonalUnspecified25,000
Lights OutNOT LISTEDPersonalUnspecified25,000
An Intimate AffairVaughnPersonalUnspecified24,000
Remove ClaimjumpersShubin InterstellarGeneralUnspecified22,500
Safe RetrievalConstantine HurstonPersonalHurston22,500
Vault ExtractionConstantine HurstonPersonalHurston22,500
Break In At KareahCrusader SecurityGeneralCrusader21,000
Kareah InfiltratedCrusader SecurityGeneralCrusader21,000
Security Post BreachedCrusader SecurityGeneralCrusader21,000
Halt Illegal SurveillanceHurston DynamicsGeneralHurston20,000
Unauthorized Surveillance DetectedCrusader SecurityGeneral Crusader20,000
A Complicated TaskVaughnPersonalUnspecified17,500
Defend OccupantsMT Protection ServicesGeneralMicroTech15,000
Protect Site Trial ContractBlacJac SecurityGeneralUnspecified15,000
Security Contractor EvaluationHurston DynamicsGeneralHurston15,000
Security Contractor ReevaluationMT Protection ServicesGeneralMicroTech15,000
Security Work AssessmentCrusader SecurityGeneral 15,000
Criminal JusticeTecia PachecoPersonalUnspecified14,000
Evict Illegal OccupantsHurston DynamicsGeneralHurston14,000
Justice ReformTecia PachecoPersonalUnspecified14,000
Level the Playing FieldXPersonalUnspecified14,000
Officer DownTecia PachecoPersonalUnspecified14,000
Real Criminal JusticeXPersonalUnspecified14,000
Wrong Arm of the LawTecia PachecoPersonalUnspecified14,000
A Straighforward TaskVaughnPersonalUnspecified12,500
A Chance to ImpressVaughnPersonalUnspecified9,000
A Simple TaskVaughnPersonalUnspecified9,000
Another Chance to ImpressVaughnPersonalUnspecified9,000
No Proof, No ProblemSender Not FoundPersonalUnspecified9,000
Authorized Execution WarrantHurston DynamicsGeneralHurston7,000
A Call to ArmsCivilian Defense ForceGeneralUnspecified+Bonuses
Away From Prying EyesRutoPersonalUnspecified 
Illegal Blockade – Neutralize Nine Tails FleetCrusader SecurityGeneralCrusader 
Illegal Blockade – Seeking Nine Tails Fleet ResponsibleCrusader SecurityGeneralCrusader

How to Accept Mercenary Missions?

There is a mission giver In every planet system and a reputation gear to climb up. Before diving into the details of the contracts, lets see how to select a contract.

  • Press F1 to open your Mobiglass.
  • Go to Contracts Manager tab by clicking the icon.
  • Select Mercenary
  • First thing to do is accepting “A Call to Arms” mission
  • Then select a contract you want to do.
  • Make sure you also Track the mission
  • Follow the Mission Marker.

Earn more aUEC from Mercenary Contracts

Beside the credits you earn from mission itself, there is a better way to earn money in the bunker missions. All you need to do is to loot the right items in that limited time. 

It is always better to have a tractor attachment multitool for carrying boxes and enemy bodies to your ship. If you don’t have a ship that can store boxes then try to gear up the best armor and weapons in the bunker. Some weapons and armors can be sold for much more aUEC in related selling points.

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