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China is developing hypersonic aircraft that can reach 10,000 kph

By 2030, China wants to introduce its hypersonic plane, which can go from Beijing to New York in one hour.

10,000 km/h speed

Covering the 11,000 km that separates Beijing from New York in just over an hour is the crazy project of the Chinese company Lingkong Tianxing Technology for 2030. But How? With a hypersonic rocket plane cheaper than a satellite launcher and ten times faster than conventional aircraft. To prove that it’s not just a concept, the company’s statement was posted on the Beijing City Economic Development website. The aircraft in question will be used for both space tourism and travel. Its designer has been testing rocket engine prototypes since 2019.

The prototype will perform its first tests between 2023 and 2025. The first flight with passengers is expected in 2024.

Once approved, the device will first be used for suborbital space tourism. The company will then introduce its larger hypersonic aircraft in 2030.

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