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Traffic lights in Germany will be controlled by Artificial Intelligence

The municipality of Bad Hersfeld in Germany will test the use of artificial intelligence to control traffic lights to allow first responders to reach the scene of the accident faster.

The city of Bad Hersfeld wants to let artificial intelligence control its network of traffic lights in an emergency. The aim will be to ensure that the relevant services circulate as quickly as possible and reach the scene of the accident in less than 10 minutes.

Initially, the idea would be for an AI to not only calculate and suggest the fastest route, but also directly intervene in traffic by controlling traffic lights to prioritize firefighters.

To do this, while playing on the management of the traffic lights on their route, a lot of traffic data must be analyzed in real time to help the emergency services reach their destination as quickly as possible. The real risk, however, will be to create traffic jams that algorithms cannot avoid.

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