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Mobile charging stations that can be powered by solar and hydrogen energy

Mobile power grids can meet the power needs of remote and off-grid areas, but electricity generation has always been an issue. The American startup Sesame Solar has found a solution to this problem by using solar and hydrogen energy. With this technology, green energy can be distributed quickly and provide electricity in a short time.

Takes less than 15 minutes to install

The length of Sesame nano-grid equipment is between 3 and 12 meters, and its appearance is designed to resemble the shape of a container box.

It can be transported by boat, truck, train or plane and is suitable for use at any time. It is suitable for natural disaster, medical aid and military operations and can provide green power to off-grid areas around the world.

“We can’t stop a hurricane or a wildfire, but we can find solutions to help communities recover quickly and prevent further damage,” said Lauren Flanagan, Sesame CEO.

According to the company’s vision, the purpose of the new microgrid is: used to charge emergency medical equipment, water treatment equipment, communication equipment or all kinds of electric vehicles.

Where there is no solar energy, hydrogen energy comes into play.

In case of insufficient sunlight or when the battery level in the vehicle drops below 35%, the hydrogen fuel cell automatically starts up until the battery is fully charged.

When the panels meet the sun again, the electrolyzer is turned off and the solar panel starts charging the battery. If you want to increase electricity production, you can also add small wind power.

In addition to power generation and energy storage, the interior also includes a mobile office space that can be used as a medical clinic, a military command center and even a retail store.

Image Credit: sesame.solar

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