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Devolo dLAN 650+ Adapter: Review & Specs

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Product name: Devolo dLAN 650+ Adapter
Brand: Devolo
Price: ***

The second 600 Mb/s reference in Devolo’s PLC catalogue, the dLAN 650+ is a one-port variant of the dLAN 650 Triple+. The German equipment manufacturer is aiming for practicality here – a female electrical outlet is present – and speed.

Devolo dLAN 650+: Pros and Cons


  • Correct speed rates.


  • Encumbrance.
  • Somehow misleading name (theoretical 600 Mb/s speed and not 650).

Devolo’s HomePlug AV2 adapters are very imposing

Just like the Triple+ variant, the dLAN 650+ is damn impressive, with a step backwards of several years on this criterion.

The block can nevertheless be connected body up or body down, since it is equipped with two earth connections. We also appreciate the presence of a female electrical outlet, which allows you to connect any other electrical device or power strip directly to the unit.

Speeds: 172 Mb/s peak

On average, the Devolo dLAN 650+ provided a practical throughput of 109 Mb/s, or 13.7 Mb/s. s, or 21.5 MB / s all the same. In the worst case, we drop to 89 Mb / s, or 11.1 MB / s.

On average, the 650+ is 10% faster than its version with 3 network ports, but above all 28% faster than the TP-Link TL-PA6010. This Devolo adapter therefore stands out from the best blocks at 500 Mb/s which peak at 95 Mb/s on average.

Power Consumption: nothing to complain about

Power consumption is usual for this type of product with 3.9 watts during data exchanges, 3.1 watts in standby and 0.6 watts during prolonged inactivity.

600 Mbps adapters and backwards compatibility

600 Mb/s PLC adapters comply with the HomePlug AV2 standard but can nevertheless communicate with 500 Mb/s (IEEE1901) and 200 Mb/s (HomePlug AV) adapters. Of course, the network will then settle on the speed of the “slowest” adapter.

The different versions and the box

  • Two versions are offered for sale. The most common is the “dLAN 650+ Starter Kit” which includes two adapters. The second has a single adapter and is sold under the simple name “dLAN 650+”.

  • In the box, there are one or two network cables depending on the version acquired, a quick start guide and a CD containing a network monitoring tool. The warranty is set at 3 years.


An adapter much faster than the best adapters at 500 Mb/s and very practical thanks to its female electrical socket.

Devolo dLAN 650+ Adapter: Specs

Theoretical flow600 Mbps
Ports1x Gigabit Ethernet
StandardHomePlug AV2 + IEEE1901 + HomePlug AV
Security128-bit AES
Network switchNope

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Product name: Devolo dLAN 650+ Adapter <br> Brand: Devolo <br> Price: ***Devolo dLAN 650+ Adapter: Review & Specs