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7 Best and Most Downloaded Mods in Arma 3 2024

Top 7 Arma 3 Mods

Arma 3 has a huge library of mods with the never ending support of mod community. In this case, there are not hundreds but thousands of mods for players to select and download for free. So we’ve put together this guide to cover some of the new content available – whether it’s total conversions, new models, or AI environments; you should be able to find something for you in this list. We have listed the most downloaded and popular mods for 2024.

1. Blastcore Murr Edition


Wanna make your Arma explosion more realistic? Here is a great mod for you: Blastcore Murr Edition. This mod enhances the explosions, smoke effects and particles and gives a more realistic gaming experience. This also improves the quality of traces and bullet impacts.

Totally one of the must have mod in Arma 3 mod library in my opinion. Although there are some other blast improvement mods in the steam workshop, this mod is my favorite so far.

2. BloodLust


censored upon request of advertisers. (Arma 3 game footage)

Bloodlust is another graphics improvement mod that allows you to adjust the amount of bleeding and blood gore effect for immersive gameplay ( or savage must I say?). This mod will let you set up some adjustment in mod setting to play with blood spray, bleeding, gore and blood pooling etc. 

If you could adjust the setting in a balanced way then this mod can make the game more realistic. but don’t worry, the mod comes with pre-adjusted setting that you don’t have to do anything.


3. WebKnight’s Zombies and Creatures


Arma 3 is a military sim game with lots of realistic elements like physics and tons of real life combat gears, weapons, vehicles etc. but when it comes to mods, things can get alien. Here is a great mod that adds some invincible creatures and zombies to Arma 3. The zombies of this mod is way better than the ones in Zombies & Demos mod. So I wanted to add this mod as a zombie mod instead of the popular other zombie mods.


4. Half Life: Our Benefactors


As the name says, this is a mod that is been inspired from famous game Half Life. The mod was taken down from steam workshop last month but the modders added it again so it is worth to give this mod a try.



When you play a military sim game, the sound is one of the core element that allows you to be aware of your environment and act acordingly. This sound mod will improve the quality of sound effects in the base game and let you hear relatively more louder also more realistic sound overhaul. 


6. FIR AWS(AirWeaponSystem)


FIR AWS is a system that allows players to modify the aircraft’s ammunition and appearance in a single tool. The mod works on most of the aircrafts even on some external jet mods.


7. Improved Craters

Improved Craters mod arma 3

Arma 3 had a big update which allow players to activate environmental destruction. With the new ground mechanics, it is now possible for modders to make new mods to play with the ground.


  • Craters are created when projectiles explode.
  • Safe zone module.
  • CBA settings for more customizability.
  • Limit amount of decals.



That was our best mods list for Arma 3. We will be checking the mod library occasionally and adding more mods to our list. The mods we have listed here are mostly focused on singleplayer and relatively new on workshop. You can also check out our Best mod list for Arma Reforger as well. Before Arma 4 release, It still seems like a long time for Arma community to stick with Arma 3, considering the current status of Arma Reforger…

Where to Download Arma 3 Mods?

Since Arma 3 is on Steam, it would only take a few clicks to subscribe and downloads your mods via Steam’s workshop. 

  • Go to steam library
  • Click on Arma 3 on the library
  • You will see a horizontal menu
  • Click on Workshop
  • Search the type of mods you like
  • Click subscribe

The mods will be downloaded after that. Make sure you have enough storage because some Arma 3 mods contains big files.

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